Storyline course not working correctly in LMS

Oct 17, 2012

I have many Studio 09 courses in our LMS that work great, but the first 2 courses I developed in Storyline aren't working correctly.  We've had a few different issues with both courses, but not everyone is having the same issue.  For some people they run the course, a window pops up for a moment and then closes and nothing else happens.  For others they've started and finished the course, but the LMS wouldn't record their results. For others the courses worked just fine, and recorded their scores.

Our LMS provider looked into the issue, but didn't find anything.  Please help, I'm not sure what to look into next. 

Thank you,


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Shelly Briggs

I have the HTML5 box checked when publishing, if that's what you mean????  I'm not very software savvy if you haven't figured that out yet!!!  I ran the program for testing and it worked, it showed me the errors with my course...however I really don't know what they mean, so I'm not sure what I have to do to correct the errors. 

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