Storyline Courses - What's under the hood and system recommendations

Dec 05, 2016


I have a few questions that hopefully someone can help me answer. I'm using SL 2.

  1. I built an assessment using the question builder and put it into a Draw From Bank interaction. When I publish it, it works fine on my system. All of the questions give me correct feedback, etc. If I give those same files to someone else, they will choose all of the correct answers (just as I did) but they will get an incorrect feedback message. Is this a function of flash player? Java plugin? Something else? What could be causing me having one experience and someone else having a different one? We are both using the same files and answering the same question in the same way.
  2. Is there a best practices document somewhere that lists suggested system requirements for Storyline courses? This would include browser suggestions, flash player version, java version, etc

These courses are functioning independently of an LMS so I'm looking for advice strictly on browsers and how they function with Storyline 2 courses. Thanks!

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curlyQT Joy

Thanks, ladies! Ultimately the content goes onto an LMS. But I have SMEs who look at the content either via Tempshare, or by me giving them the files and they launch the courses using their hard drives via the Story.html file. The problems are happening via Tempshare, locally, and via LMS, which is why I wanted to take the LMS out of the initial discussion.

curlyQT Joy

HI Leslie,

I'm sorry, but I cannot upload the story file due to proprietary reasons. However, I can tell you that across the board for all of my courses (and my coworker's courses) that we have this variation. That's why I was asking about java plugin and flash settings. Are there any other settings I should be looking at?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi CurlyQT,

If they're using the browsers documented within the system requirements that Wendy shared at the top, that's all we'd have in terms of Flash settings or Java. You mentioned not being able to share for proprietary reasons, but if you can it under an NDA, our Support Engineers are able to sign those here. 

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