Storyline crashed and now my objects with text aren't wrapping the text

May 08, 2015

Earlier today Storyline shut down. I had just saved and it booted back up so I wasn't very concerned. However, I worked on finalizing my last new slides and when I went back to review the course a bunch of the slides have text hanging off the page or objects have text hanging outside of the outline. It definitely wasn't like that before. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions outside of the obvious one of going to each slide and fixing every object that isn't wrapping text? 

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Mary Kate Head

It is a local file and it just keeps getting more interesting. I went through slide by slide this morning and fixed every slide that had issues. I saved and closed out. I then worked on another project for a few hours. When I opened the project back up, there are MORE slides with problems. It seems to have kept the changes I made but now different slides have issues and there are a LOT more this time. Should I submit a support ticket?

Yvette Healey

Was this case ever resolved? Because I have a similar problem! When I imported a slide (that brought with it the options for different layouts/backgrounds) and I right clicked on a slide and changed the layout, the text boxes are all HUGELY wide, with varying widths...2,700 pixels or 3, 211 pixels. I can manually set the text box to a certain width, and, in some cases, that fixes the "run off" text. But in some cases it doesn't?? Any advice on preventing this so I'm not editing individual slides (laborious and annoying) would be appreciated. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Yvette! I just took a peek into Mary Kate's case, and it looks like her file was corrupted since this didn't happen in a new file. Have you tried importing the slide into a new file? If so, does the same thing happen there? You'll want to be sure both the original file and the new file are stored on your local hard drive.

Let me know if you're still having trouble, and we'll keep digging!

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