Storyline - Creating a new Button to display on the player bar

When I go to base slide properties, I see a Prev, Next and Submit button option.  I have used those already in my slide show.  I need to create another button that will display with different verbiage, but I can't determine how to create a new button and have it display on the player bar?  Help?

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Tom Kuhlmann

There's no way from within Storyline to add an additional button on the playbar.

There are a few tricks you can do.  One is to create a lightbox slide and add to the top bar. Some people create a bottom slide box that matches the color of the player. Thus it looks like the player and then they add additional buttons/resources. Something like this

new buttons

For what do you need the other button? 


Tom Kuhlmann

You could remove the next button on the last slide and then have stronger completion visual in the slide itself.

In some ways, having a button present that is not functional and only communicates the words completed is kind of confusing. If you disabled it, it would look like it needs to be unlocked, which may also be confusing. 

By getting rid of it, it indicates end of the line. Maybe that solution works.