Storyline - Custom button not showing on Success layer

Mar 10, 2017

I created a custom button on the Failed layer (Close) and Success layer (Submit)of the Results slide.  The results are reading / scoring correctly and the custom button on the Failed slide appears and works correctly, but the custom button I created on the Success layer is not showing when passing the quiz.  I did give the button on the Success layer a unique name and the trigger is simply to "exit course" when the user clicks the button.  Does anyone know why only this button is not showing on the Success screen?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dawn

hard to say without seeing your file.  

You don't happen to have the initial state of the button set to 'hidden' in the Edit States tab?  Or is there a condition on it showing that may be incorrect such as using the wrong result slide variables? 

If neither of those is the issue, might be easier to share you file so folks can take a look and help you out.

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