Storyline Customising the Player

Jul 02, 2012

Hi there,

I've been searching and reading through previous posts on how to customise the player. I realise I cannot remove the player altogether but still wanted to customise it. I have removed absolutely all menu items,  buttons on the slide layer, hoping this may at least thin out the border of the player but I still have the thick player area displaying at the bottom of my screen.

I've played around with the colour schemes but because most of my slides are not all the one solid background colour, the transparency option only really works on my intro slide.

Given I cannot remove the player, is it instead possible for me to use the 'real estate' on this part of the screen to import custom navigation buttons. I seem to be able to edit text labels but not import buttons (well not obviously anyway!).

I had hoped to make  custom buttons in Storyline such as Next Previous, Return to Main Menu and then import them into the player frame. Is this possible at all? When looking through the showcase I've seen a couple of demo's that have managed to do this (or at least make it look that way). Specifically, there was a meetings course created by DF Learning that managed to do this, so it must be possible!

Any help appreciated!



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Jodie O'Rourke

Hi Peter,

This looks awesome!

However, I wasnt hoping to include a tap/click to reveal navigation buttons.

 I am happy to use the player section of the screen to display my buttons (return to main menu, next and previous) however I wanted to customise these buttons using the home icon for example on the return to main menu button.

I had hoped there might be some player templates out there that I may be able to use?



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