Custom Video Control

Oct 06, 2016

Morning Heroes!

I was wondering if it is possible to customise the video controls in SL2?

I would like to change the colour to match a colour pallete but cannot seem to find the correct section under the player settings.

Is there anyway to change the colours or to use entirely custom video controls?

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Sam Hammond

Hi Harri, 

I understand the player seekbar isn't exactly what you want, but you could try using it in combination with a trigger/variable set  that pauses the timeline when a user clicks to pause the video (and vice versa), to make sure the slide timeline and the video timeline are always in lockstep. 

Alternatively, I sometimes add a 99% transparent shape above my videos to prevent the user from doing a pause-click, and forcing them to use the slide timeline seekbar to control the video instead. 


Harri S

Thanks guys but that isn't what I'm looking for - I want people to be able to scrub through the video but the current video controls are just visually really not very nice and jar significantly with our visual design. And we don't use the slide seekbar in our design at all...

The closest I've come up with is splitting the video into 15-20 second segments and allowing people to jump to the next or previous segment. Not great, but it kinda works.  

Ali Goulet

Hey Saied!

The built-in video controls for Storyline 360 should look like this:

If you use a web object or add a video from a website rather than from a file however, you may see different video controls based on where the video is hosted. 

Where did you take that first screenshot from? Was the video on a website or somewhere besides a Storyline course?