Storyline Delivery to Multiple Devices

Jul 13, 2015

Hi, everyone!  I have read several posts regarding story size and delivery to a variety of devices.  I have no issues when designing content for both tablets and desktops.  The dilemma I am facing is in designing for smartphones.  Most of my learners are going to be accessing content from their mobile devices.  I have tested my output on my iPhone 6 plus and have had mixed results.  I guess I would like to know if anyone has any advice as I move forward.  

I am targeting HTML5 output that would be viewed on any device for the optimal experience of the learner.  



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Anthony Goss

I have been experimenting with HTML5 output and in the player options letting the content fill the browser window and scale to full screen.  This seems to work best when viewing content on the iPhone.  My content scales well, so I really like this.  However, I noticed on the HTML features that this option is not supported in HTML5.  Is that correct? 

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