Storyline developers needed!

Mar 07, 2022

Hello - we're looking to connect with a couple more collaborative and creative go-to developers for current and upcoming client projects! The projects are based on a defined product that we have developed - as a concept - over the past couple of years with some super cool deliveries (and happy global clients)!

(The course trains a client's employees on employer branding/their employer value proposition.)

The process for these is:

1. Set price and timeline together with our project manager (PM) based on project scope

2. Draft prototype based on client brand guidelines

3. Build out 3 modules based on PPTs that our PM provides with all information/content to include (PM collaborates with client on these before sending to developer)

 - Some interactivity, a quiz per module, some illustrations may be needed, sometimes voiceover with subtitles 

4. Final updates based on 1 round of feedback from client in the comments sections of the links!

Shout out if interested in connecting and learning more.



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