Storyline display on Micorsoft Surface Pro

Feb 07, 2016

Hi everyone,

I have just set myself up with a Microsoft Surface Pro as I am starting off as a contractor rather than a permanent employee. I have downloaded Articulate Storyline 2, but the display of it on the surface pro is so small I can barely see the icons. Does anyone know how to make the software display in a larger mode so I can see it?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Pip!  Thanks for reaching out.  Does your Surface Pro have a high resolution display?  If so, you may find that user interface elements in Articulate Storyline are small and difficult to read on high resolution monitors—generally, monitors that display more than 2,000 pixels in width. We're working to improve performance on HD monitors. In the meantime, you may need to reduce your screen resolution while working in Storyline.

Pip Fowler

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for that. I have Windows 10 Surface Pro and it all works - it is just that all the icons and the text etc display very small, even when I have the DPI settings up to the max. Is there anything else I can do to help the situation? How do I enable Flash and the .NET Framework?


Pip Fowler

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pip, 

I haven't used a Surface Pro - but as per the documentation you'll need those elements enabled and still using the DPI setting. It may still appear a bit smaller than expected or other programs though so it's worth checking into other resolution settings you could change. Let us know what you end up seeing! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Neil,

Thanks for reaching out here and I know that the Surface Pro has been one of the displays that seems to be at the smallest interface when using Storyline. It's been something our team has been investigating for some time as you can guess based on these forum threads, and I wanted to point you to one of our Product designers, Simon, and his response here. Please feel free to let me know here if you have any other questions or feel free to reach out in that other discussion.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chad,

Earlier in November we release Articulate 360 and that did include better support for the high resolution machines, but within Storyline 2 and Simon's earlier answer it's not something that we're currently able to include in an update based on the level of time and risk associated with trying to use the same fix. 

If you haven't yet looked at a trial of Articulate 360 it's worth giving a go as there are a lot of other new features and items implemented such as further HTML5 support, new Dial interactions in Storyline, screen recording through Peek, and access to Articulate Review where SMEs can take a look at a published course and offer feedback. Those are just a few of my favorites, but there's a whole list of features here. 

If you have questions about the upgrade process for either Articulate 360 or the next perpetual version of Storyline (which will be sometime in 2017) you can reach our Success team here and they'd be happy to help. 

gary moulton

Hi Everyone

I was just about to invest in a Surface Pro and then I stumbled across this thread. 90% of my development work is being done in Storyline 2 and after reading these articles I am a little apprehensive.

Would anyone happen to know of the latest issues with StL 2 and Surface Pro?  If there are any recent updates I would love to hear.

Many thanks Heroes.


Dec 2017

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary,

The issues discussed a bit earlier here about the DPI still are present in Storyline 2, but we were able to change the way we handle this prior to the release of Storyline 3 and Articulate 360 (which includes Storyline 360). That would provide for a much better experience with the high resolution monitors.

Also the information here holds true for authoring and viewing content: 

We support authoring and viewing Articulate content on Surface Pro tablets.

Authoring Content

Articulate content can be authored and published on Surface Pro tablets. Flash Player and the .NET Framework must be enabled to author content.

Viewing Content

Articulate content can be viewed on Surface Pro tablets.

Surface RT tablets, discontinued by Microsoft, aren't supported for authoring or viewing Articulate content.

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