Storyline Fairy Tale Challenge!

May 11, 2013

Hi Gurus and would be gurus

Need help please.  I saw a child read a book on iPad and I thought if I could replicate what I saw in storyline but, I have failed!  I have attached a .story for you to peruse (this is only for fun - as per previous post - a challenge). 

I want the child to click on "read to me" button and I want the audio to start, word by word but at the same time I want the state of each word to change to highlight the words being read  (have a look at state for each word).  I thought this was a simple task but I was obviously away with the fairies!  I am sure there is a Super Hero out there to rescue this fairy story! 

Look forward to you assistance



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Mike Enders


What a great idea!  I've been pondering this over the weekend and thinking about the best approach. 

A couple of quick thoughts:

1. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to simply keep the audio as one file (to avoid inconsistent speech). My fear is that if you break it up into different bits, it may sound too mechanical.  You could keep it as one file for the read, and then break it up for individual click on words.

2. Instead of using state changes tied to the start of the individual audio files (I think maybe this is where you were headed?), what if you simply used a highlight timed to each word?

I've attached a sample.  In this sample I:

a. Broke the text into individual words on the base layer (added state change for each word).

b. Placed the audio on a new layer.

c. Added a trigger on the base layer to show the audio layer

d. Added a timed highlight for each word on the audio layer

e. Added a hotspot for each word (on the audio layer) so user can click each word to hear it.

f. Recorded each word individually as part of the trigger creation process.

g. Added a trigger to change the state of each word when the hotspot is clicked.

I hope this helps!


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