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Stoo Potts

Beginning with Windows Vista, Microsoft stopped letting us change icons in Windows Explorer. We can now only change icons in the registry. I don't recommend that for this very minor issue as the danger outweighs the benefit. The important thing is Windows still knows to launch the Storyline program when you click on ".story" files. I wonder if the problem has to do with the way Storyline assigned the icon in Update 10. I noticed that the icon file name has changed a few times and maybe this is an incorrect icon file name error. (See the icon.png file below for the file names of Storyline icons I found on my computer.)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stoo,

Thanks for sharing that here, and it's an issue that our team continues to investigate but since the file extension and program still is able to accurately launch the projects things still work with the exception of the icon. The icon file name change you're seeing is reflecting the different update numbers. 

Robert Stewart

I got my icons back, but not sure which one of the following fixed it.
I'd try STEP 2 first (over writing a file does seem like a good idea as I did in Step 1).

(step 1):
I first searched for icon.exe from root c:\
I got two for storyline in the Windows Install directory (hidden)
I over wrote the newest one with the oldest one.

(step 2):
Next I ran this commands from the Command Prompt (Admin)
option 2 from this page:

Do at own risk. However, worked for me.