Storyline for Marketing Lead Generation

Hi there, 

We use Storyline to create sandbox environments of our software that clients can interact with to learn how to use the product. Is there a way we can use these sandboxes as a marketing tool that would allow us to host on our website and allow potential clients to play around with, then they can submit their contact details that would be sent to our Sales team to follow up on? We won't be using an LMS for this so is there another way that we can get the client details over to our sales team?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phorest,

You could look at embedding a Google Form or other survey type of web object to gather that data and have it emailed to your team. Storyline doesn't have built-in options to report that data to a database or spreadsheet, as it's designed to report the data to a  Learning Management System (LMS) for tracking.