What's a good way to create a 'sales demo' version of one of our courses?

Jan 18, 2023

We've created a number of courses for our customers which we hope to be promoting through our usual channels. However, I've been asked whether it might be possible to create a demonstration version that showcases some of the more exciting features of the courses, that our sales team could demonstrate on their laptops to interested clients.

It's not feasible for them to have Storyline installed on their laptops, and they may not always be guaranteed to have an internet connection - so is there a simple way of creating a 'local' version of the Storyline course that behaves like the real thing??

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Joe Tansengco

Hi David,

Yes, there definitely is!

You can publish your course for Web distribution if you would like to have a version of your course that can be opened directly from on your computer. Just open the story.html file in the published output to open a complete and fully functional version of your course. 

Hope this helps!