Storyline Freezing Up

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with Storyline freezing completely?  A friend of mine has a brand new PC tower and the SL trial will open fine, but then freeze up completely after a few clicks.    

If you've had this issue, was there a resolution? He's submitted a work ticket and screenr, but I thought I'd check here on the forums as well.  (I also reaaallly need his help on a project this week!).



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Peter Anderson

HI A B, welcome!

Really sorry to hear you had a hard time getting Storyline to install and run properly. It sounds like something may have happened during the original installation that prevented it from working smoothly. These are some steps you can use to get a clean installation. If there's anything else we can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to reach out to the forums or our support team. Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Luke! I'm not sure what version of Storyline you are utilizing, but this is an older thread and we've had many updates. Please be sure that your system meets the system specifications for your product and you are utilizing the latest update.

Storyline 1 - System specifications and latest Update 8

Storyline 2 - System specifications and latest Update 4

If you are still having difficulty, I would encourage you to reach out to support here.

David Verinder

I have had many instances of Storyline freezing, particularly when cropping an image. The only way to continue is to stop the process using Task Manager. It's very frustrating if you haven't saved your work for a while. It's got to the stage where I save my work immediately before cropping an image. Do you know of a fix for this problem?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David!

Sounds like you may need to conduct a repair of your software if you are having difficulty across projects.

I'm not sure what version on Storyline you are utilizing though. This is an older thread as well.

We are currently on:

Storyline 1 Update 10

Storyline 2 Update 9

Please be sure you are on the latest update and if so, conduct the appropriate repair for your software: 

Storyline 1

Storyline 2

Ray Handley

I have a developer working on a module for me and when it gets to about slide 20 it just freezes up giving the spinning wheel of doom forever. Has anyone had this issue. She is using a trial of SL360 (as am I) and we both get this problem. Tried recreating the slides and still similar issue. Checked all triggers etc and everything is as expected. Any help is appreciated.