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May 28, 2014

Good day, the subject might be vague but I wasn't sure what you would call this. Basically I have a screen showing an office environment with bad things and good things on it. I want the users to tap on all the bits they think are either bad or good (it will be on a smart board in a classroom). Once they've tapped on an object, it then gets circled in either red or green depending on whether it's good or bad (so far so good) comes the bit where I am stuck....

I have 5 'lives' showing at the top of the screen. Every time they tap outside of the designated hot spots, I want one 'life' to dissapear until all the lives are gone, which means they've run out of time and lose the game.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Miriam de Jonge

Hi Heidi,

I'm not sure if you solved this by now (I came across your question when looking for something else) but I think the best thing would be to use variables.

I would have an error count that is a number variable with a starting value of 5.  You would use triggers to change the state of your lives icon depending on the value of the variable.  So when the variable equals 5, it shows five lives.  When it equals 4, it shows four lives etc.  And presumably when it gets to 0 you jump to a layer that tells the player they have lost the game.

Everytime they click outside one of your good hotspots, a number gets subtracted from the variable.  In fact you could have a hotspot that covers the whole area and every time it gets clicked a trigger tells the variable to reduce by one.  Your good hotspots would be sitting above this base one so that when they click on a good area, the variable is unchanged.

Hope that makes sense?  I haven't tried it but I think it would work as you are describing.

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