Storyline Glitch? Timings on Triggers are Off when User Moves Seekbar Manually

I am experiencing an issue with the timings of state-change triggers in a Storyline file of mine. In the file, there are four green circles. I want each circle to change to orange when the narration talks about the topic in the circle.

To do this, I created Orange states for each green circle, and then set triggers to be timed to change the state from Green to Orange, and back to Green again at each point where the narration is highlighting the corresponding circle.

Everything works great, as long as the user doesn't move the seek bar... however, when you jump around on the seek-bar, the timing on the triggers is a mess- some circles are orange before they're supposed to be, or they stay orange when they're supposed to go back to green.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so could you find a fix? Any help would be much appreciated! 

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