Storyline Illistrated classic and modern character issues

I am having issues with inserting the illustrated characters. When I select one to insert, it automatically comes up as cropped and there are parts of the character that are gone and cannot be shown. This is only with the illustrated characters, the photographic ones are inserting just fine. I have a few characters in my project already in the illustrated format that inserted fine, but if I go back to them and try to change the pose or expression it then auto crops them to cut off parts of the character.  Just wanted to see if there are any others having this issue, before I go in and redo all my characters to the photographic characters. I attached a photo of a character's automatic insert after I selected one to my screen and then opening the crop section to try to get back the part of the character that is cut off.  

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Katie Riggio

Oh no! Sorry you're running into that, Taylor. ūüėĪ

Let's iron out some key details so we can explore our next steps:

  • Does this problem happen on a new project file as well?
    • If so,¬†a simple Storyline 360 repair¬†should do the trick!
    • If¬†the cropping only happens on a specific course, would you mind sharing the¬†.story¬†file with me so I can take a closer look? You can share it¬†publicly here, or send it to me privately by¬†using this upload link.¬†I'll let you know what I find, and will delete it¬†once we find the culprit!
Ashley Terwilliger

HI Fernando,

Sorry to hear you've run into the same trouble! Were you able to test out if this is happening in all your files or just that particular one? If it's happening in every file I'd start by following the repair steps Katie shared. If you're only seeing it in one file, if you're able to share that with us I'd love to take a look. You can share it publicly here, or send it along to our team privately here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fernando,

I've tested this myself, and I can add in any illustrated characters, change their pose, expression, etc. and don't see the cropping occur. Perhaps you could walk us through exactly what you're seeing by taking a Peek of the problem? You can include the "Share" link here in your reply and that way I can attempt to replicate your steps exactly! 

Katie Riggio

Appreciate the screenshot, Timothy. Yikes!

Since the cropping is happening in multiple project files, a simple Storyline 360 repair should do the trick. If that doesn't help, please connect with our Support team here

They're wizards at finding the source of such oddities, and will get your characters back in one piece in no time!

Jenda George

Was a solution found for this issue? I recently began encountering the same problem when changing a modern illustrated character's expression. I get the expression change, but the pose will also change and the image will automatically crop. Intermittently, the library will contain some image artifacts or fail to appear. It doesn't matter if I change these from the menu-bar or if I navigate into the full library.

I tried a simple Storyline 360 repair (uninstall, reboot, install, reboot, test)--twice--to no avail.