Storyline. It is amazing but the following could be enhanced?

May 15, 2012

I love storyline. It is so addictive. Playing with the triggers and variables allow me to create amazing courses, with no programming skills at all.

I have a valid Presenter license but I can see huge potential in SL.

However, I have the following concerns that is making my company hold on to buying SL, unless I find a workaround or some third party tools:

1- Presenter had a great slide duration next to the seekbar. It showed how much you finished and how long do you have left. Being in a corporate training world this was very important for the learners. They can pause the slide if they realized they still have a lot more time left, they even time it before any meeting they have to go to. Unfortunately this feature is not available in SL. right? I can't seem to find the duration, only the seekbar

2- Presenter also had a useful feature to show the course duration next to the title. If the course is linear you can tell how much you finished from the course, time wise.

3- Captivate 5.5 with AS3 does not play well in SL. It works if you didnt include the video controls, but that makes seeking from the SL bar not used at all and using the Captivate controls makes the whole slide confusing to the learners. If i included that video control check box the movie plays in a very strange way. Using Captivate 4 allows it to work better with AS2, but I feel there is a few seconds gap if you are scrolling the seekbar back and fourth.

Other than that it is an amazing product and the player looks fresh and clean. I loved the fact the story size is adjustable so we don't have to stick to the powerpoint dimensions (720 by 540). Not sure if Studio 12 will solve this as I think it is a PPT limitation.

Thanks all

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