Storyline - Javascript save image/screenshot

Dec 12, 2013


Newish to Storyline and getting to grips with the features...

I've found the window.print() script that prints a slide... cool feature

I'd like to be able to take a screenshot of the slide so the user can save it as png or jpeg in order they can upload it to a Mahara website later.

Is there a Javascript command that can do anything that may help?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tram! There are lots of folks in this community who are more Java-savvy than me, but I did want to point you to these Javascript Best Practices and Examples. One of the examples listed there is the script for Print current slide (HTML5 only):


See how Owen Holt uses this simple code to creatively print any slide from a button on the course player.

The simple code above prints the current slide and the Storyline player. If you want to print the slide content only, not the Storyline player, see this JavaScript code from Brian Batt.

I hope that helps!