Storyline layers when published to Word

We frequently publish our Storyline content to Word to create our Facilitator Guides. One of the options during the publishing process is to select whether you want to publish the layers - which we do so the facilitator can see each layer along with the notes. However, when doing so, the slide image that publishes in Word shows a mumbled mess because it displays all of of the layer content on top of each other onto the slide image in Word, even though in Storyline I have selected to hide base layer content. (See the attached screenshot of one of the published slides in my project. In this example, you will see text from all the layers on top of each other.)

Are there any settings I need to select to publish to Word where it only displays the items on each individual layer just like what you see in the published Storyline file?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Denise!  What do your layer properties look like?  For the purposes of publishing them out to Word, you'll want to Hide Base layer and Hide other layers.



I was able to get distinguished layers in my Word output here.

If your settings are the same, let me know, and I can do some digging!  If you'd like to share your .story file here, please do.

Crystal Horn

Denise, I wanted to follow up on those layer properties.  

In my testing, I discovered an issue where having the "Hide objects on base layer" option checked actually prevented some layer objects (buttons and images with states) from showing in the Word output.  Our team is investigating that behavior.

In the meantime, leave that option unchecked, and manually hide the base layer objects you don't want to see on the layer timeline.


denise cook

Thank you, Crystal, for following up! I tried it both ways, with the Hide Objects on Base Layer checked and unchecked, but the images still show through. What I did as a workaround was place a white box on the background of each layer and then build on top of that.  That worked perfectly, but for layers where I needed the images to kind of build on the screen along with the base layer, I will still need to figure something out. But I appreciate your help!

Crystal Horn

Hey Denise, thanks for the update.  I'm sorry that you had to find a workaround.  I'd rather it be simple for you...

Do you want to share your .story file here, and I can have a look at publishing on my end?  I'm happy to dig in. 

I would also want to know:

  • What version of Storyline 2 are you using?  Go to your Help tab, and click About Storyline.  It will tell you an update number.
  • What version of Windows are you using?
  • And what version of Microsoft Word do you have?

Hopefully I can help make it easier.  Thanks!