Storyline module loading JS file for each new slide

May 16, 2018

Hi there,

I inherited a Storyline module that used JS to update some elements of the slide We have subsequently deleted all the JS, having found a way to do it natively within Storyline.

However, Stroryline still generates a separate JS file for each slide and downloads that file when the slide is displayed by the user. The files contain some obfusticated code that I cannot read (example attached). My problem is that the download takes 500ms, which is too long for my requirements. 

I would like to know if this download is due to my not completely cleaning the previous JS usage, and some idea how to remove it OR if it is an integral part of Storyline that I cannot remove.

Many thanks,




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Crystal Horn

Hi Justin!  Your Storyline output will rely on lots of .js files to run properly.  Some of them are named ambiguously like your example above, so I can't immediately say whether that file is a part of the normal output.

If you're having some loading issues with your output, we're happy to help investigate, though!  You can attach your .story file here.  Let me know if you're seeing slow loading in a certain environment or with a certain device.

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