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Will Findlay

Thanks. My LMS has recently started forcing reversions when it notices that the imsmanifest.xml has changed, even if it just that the resource files listed are different.

I was under the impression that every time you republish in Storyline that the resource files were given new randomized names, but now that I have tested republishing a course twice I see that this is not the case. The imsmanifest.xml file listed the same resource files both times I published.

Maybe I am thinking of Presenter that renames all the files each time you publish, Or maybe I am just not remembering this correctly at all.

This raises a question though - what changes to a Storyline file will cause the manifest file to change? Here are things I would assume would do this:

  • Obviously, changing the SCORM Version
  • Changing anything on the Reporting and Tracking Options dialog
  • Deleting a slide
  • Adding a new slide
  • Moving a slide?
  • replacing an audio file
  • Editing an audio file?
  • Inserting a shape?
  • ....?