Storyline, Moodle and Cloudflare

I am thinking of running my moodle through Cloudflare as I have a potential order for 15000 users.

Has anyone any experience of using Storyline courses with moodle and Cloudflare?

If there is video in a Storyline course will this be considered as static content and therefore served via the CDN....reducing the load on my server.


Any comments appreciated.

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Dan Marsden

yes - Cloudflare can be used to improve the performance of your site - but it can take a bit of time to configure correctly and there may also be other things you can do to make sure your server can scale to cope with that number of users. The website uses some cloudflare features but their site is predominantly static content using forums (and no SCORM packages) It is important to note that although the serving of the static files is possible via cloudflare - the SCORM packages will be making JavaScript calls directly to your server and if this is unreliable/slow due to high load on your server you can lose users grade information or users can experience other data inconsistency errors.

The company I work for does a lot of work in this area - If hosting/managing web-servers is not your "core" business - (I presume training is) it might be worth investigating some of the Moodle Partners that offer managed hosting for large-scale sites - see my profile for more info if you are interested.