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May 21, 2020


I created a course in Storyline 3.  There is a results slide.  My LMS is Moodle.  My question is, is there a setting in either Storyline or Moodle that will limit the number of the quiz attempts and show how many time is took to pass it, and communicate that to Moodle while allowing the student to access the course as many times as they want?  

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Tony,

Thank you for reaching out! 

On the Storyline side, you can adjust the number of attempts for graded questions. By default, Storyline 3 gives learners one attempt to answer each graded question, but this can be changed by: 

  • From the Slide View, go to the Question Tools—Design tab on the ribbon and select a value from the Attempts drop-down.

In regards to the other parameters you are searching for, I think that is something that may have to be done on the Moodle side. While I am not too familiar with Moodle, I was able to find a knowledge base article that I hope points you in the right direction: 

I hope that others with more experience with Moodle will also share their insights! 

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