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Mar 25, 2013

Hi all

I have uploaded a Storyline file into Moodle 2.2 as a SCORM package.  On the last slide I have included links to the course main page and to the Exit Activity link in Moodle.  

I was hoping that the Exit Activity link would close the Stoyline file and return to the Moodle course page.  Is there any way I can return to the course page without it opening up in a new window?

Many thanks for assistance.


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Joe Deegan

Hi Christine,

Dave Moxon has developed a "work-around" solution for this by including a web object on the last slide that can re-direct the user back to the course page or really any page you want in Moodle.  The instructions describe how to link from one presentation to the next but what I do is link to the Moodle course page instead of to the next presentation so that the user is brought back to the Moodle course site when they reach the end of the Articulate course.

I attached a copy of the html file I insert into the last slide as a web object.  When the web object is loaded they are brought to the url you will see towards the bottom of the html file if you open it in a text editor.  It's a little confusing so I hope this helps.

Christine Prescott

Hi Joe

Many thanks for your replies. I have modifed your HTML file to include the moddle course page that I want to go back to when the Storyline presentation ends.  Do I include the Index.html file in the published folder for Storyline?

I have tried to link to the file from the web oject but it will not work..... sorry you guessed I would be confused lol...


Christine Prescott

Hi Joe and Peter

Good news I have figured it out with lots of help from you both with links and the index.html code.  I had 3 links in Storyline to different moodle course pages.  Added a folder with each of them and then put a copy of the index.html file in each folder.  Adjusted the file path to be path of the moodle course page.  Then included the 3 folders in to file that I zipped to upload into Moodle.  Works a charm now.

Thanks again, Christine

Alice W.

I think I must have missed something.  When I put the index.html file on my computer, the last slide will take me back to the Moodle course page. It works very well. However, I couldn’t quite figure out where to load the index.html file onto Moodle, and also what address/path to specify for the web object.   I have tried to do what Christine described above, but it didn’t work for me.  Can someone please provide some more guidance?

Christine Prescott

Hi Alice 

You do not need to load the html file onto Moodle.  Save the html file on your pc in a folder of it's own. In Storyline insert a web object into the last slide, instead of entering a URL, click on the yellow folder and navigate to the folder where you saved the html file.

This path will be included in the web object.  Publish your Storyline project as per normal.

Of course you before you do this - you need to edit the html file to include the Moodle course page that you want to return back to.

With the last slide in Storyline I added an additional one with some text... "Please wait loading page...." and put the web object on this. slide rather than the last one of my project.

Stephan Sinka

Joe Deegan said:

Okey Dokey! This is a very common issue for many moodlers so hopefully this helps a few people out.  The screenr covers my process and the attachment is the html file I used.  Let me know if you have any questions.


What is the difference (benefit) in using a web object verses merely inserting a button & trigger that jumps to http://....( the URL that you placed into the index.html file). It seems like a lot of work for the same result.

Is there anyway to control the timing of the webobject?...  perhaps by using a trigger ? or is the process automatic and we have no control over it ( Last page can't have more then a few words on it or else the page dissappears b4 the participant can read it). Would this work from a layer? ( then I could imagine placing a button/trigger on the last slide to reveal the layer!)

 THanks in advance for your insight!



Suzanne Evas

Hi all,

Love this thread - very useful as I am having this exact issue (in user testing, people are closing the entire browser window) - did every thing told to do here, but it didn't go back to the home page.

The final slide opened the web object, and I could see the code in the web object was correct, but it just stayed on the final slide and did not close the SCORM or go back to home page.

Could it be something in my Articulate or moodle settings? 

I kinda need to fix this ASAP so i will be looking forward to your replies! Thanks! 

Dan Marsden

Hi Suzanne - different versions of Moodle do this in different ways - newer versions of Moodle return the user to the course homepage after completing the SCORM automatically - but some people have been requesting the ability to customise the location like sending the user to the site homepage or a different course - we might add that capability to Moodle in future.

Jude T

Hi All, Great thread. I have followed the steps on the tutorial (Bringing user back to Moodle site at end of Articulate tutorial)  using Storyline 2 and when the user reaches the end of the presentation they are not automatically redirected to the moodle website.

I have tested the same steps in storyline 1 and it works, Is there a different method for storyline 2?


eLearning Development

Restarting this thread if I can.

I have used this technique for many years going back to Presenter and for some reason now I am having trouble with it.

As I have had issues in the past on resume exiting immediately by the file going back to the slide with the webobject I have always put the weboject onto a layer with a menu that either takes to back to the main menu or else going to the layer with the object.  Today is the first time I have done this in Storyline 2 and it does not seem to be behaving the same way.  The webobject is playing without going to the layer it is on so the scorm exits automatically after about 5 seconds.

From what I have read here it never should have worked so I am not sure how I did this before.



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