Storyline - multi-SCO course.

Feb 19, 2013

Is it possible to author a multi-SCO course?

SCO = Shareable Content Object ( see SCORM ).

Currently, I'm only able to author a single SCO course, ie - one launch file. Would like to launch topics seperately.

Thank you.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Thor,

Articulate Storyline and Articulate Presenter allow you to track a course either by the number of slides viewed or by one specific quiz (result slide). However, you may be able to track more than one SCO (shareable content object) in a single course, using any of the following unsupported methods. These articles refer to Presenter, but you should be able to to use the same techniques with Storyline.

Note: Articulate has not tested or verified the accuracy of the information provided in these articles. These methods are not supported by Articulate.

If you'd like a built-in feature to track multiple SCOs in a course, we welcome your feature requests.

If this isn't what you'd like to do, can you give me a little more information?


Alicia Serrioz

I was successful using the Use Dreamweaver to repackage content with multiple SCOs link above, Thor. But you cannot do it just using Storyline. If you have Dreamweaver then the packager is awesome. Otherwise, I was also successful using the instructions on to help modify the imsmanifest file for this.

The key is to use the lms_index.html file as the SCO launcher file.

ganesh ubhare

Hello All,

I have managed to create a successful Multi sco Scorm 1.2 package using this article 

My Multi SCO package runs perfectly fine . However it does not track separate score for individual SCO. I assume  this is due to limitation of SCORM 1.2 in terms of its ability to store only one score.

I am wondering if there is any alternate solution to the problem?

Can someone please advise.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aida, 

I'm not entirely clear on what you'd like to accomplish, but multi SCOs are not something I can offer support for - so you'll want to look at the items linked in the article mentioned above. Although one of those is no longer a valid link, as the user took down the site. 

Best of luck with your project, and you're welcome to start a new thread sharing the exact detail of what you need in the hopes that the community can respond. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thor,

Do you need to be unsubscribed from this forum thread? You can do so at the top of a forum thread and click on the "Subscribed" you'll be unsubscribed - you can also look at managing your Subscriptions from your Profile to change any updates there as well.

All these options are controlled by the user, so you'll need to use one of those options to unsubscribe yourself from the forums. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rick,

This forum discussion is a bit older so I'm not sure that individuals are still subscribed, but the multi-SCO courses are not something that our team can offer support for, so you may want to message the users here by clicking on the "contact me" button within their individual profiles. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for reaching out! Storyline doesn't support reporting multiple SCOs in the same course, though we do offer some unsupported workarounds:

You mentioned that you have set up a variable in each section of the course. You can try to use the method in this article for reporting a variable to your LMS!

Take a look and see if this helps!

Ren Gomez

Hi Erin,

Thanks for following up on this. I have to apologize for the resource shared on Rustici's SSP software! We reached out to get confirmation on how to access it, and they mentioned they no longer support it. This helps explain why it was difficult to locate a link!

I'm sorry you spent so much time looking for it, but we'll be sure to update our articles to reflect this change. 

Bernice Merced

Hello, I am also interested in a multi-sco feature. I see this is a feature that has been requested/needed as far back as 9 years ago. Is this feature possible?

On a related note, there is a way to manually create multi-sco package from multiple scorm courses. I'm familiar with this as this was something we did prior to Articulate Rapid Tools, back when we hand code html and flash courses.

However, my question is more on how can we link one sco to another from within the content using Storyline / Quizmaker?

i.e. The initial sco would be a Quizmaker quiz that I'd like to link to the other scos depending on the results. Do I point to the other sco manifest file in order to launch it?

(Link below for those still interested in how to manually structure a multi-sco package, I found this link in my quest to refresh my memory)


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Bernice.

 I see this is a feature that has been requested/needed as far back as 9 years ago. Is this feature possible?

This is still an open request with our team, so I don't have any news to share on this feature. 

I will update this discussion if this request makes it to our feature roadmap.