Storyline - Navigation in freeform quiz

Hi Heroes,

I've created a series of quizzes for a project that are not graded and are, in effect, flash cards. Learners are presented with a question, select an answer, advance to a detailed feedback slide regardless of how they answer, and proceed to the next question. I would like to allow them to navigate freely among questions so they may randomly review them before they leave the activity.

I have tried creating a button bar for each slide that links to the questions, but many of the questions are hot-spot and clicking the progress bar places a marker if it were a choice...instead of navigating to the selected question. I also tried to reorder the triggers but the up/down arrows are inactive. 

I tried placing the progress buttons on a layer and making it visible all the time, but then the base layer becomes inactive. The seekbar is, obviously, not an option because it cannot be scrubbed.

I'm at a loss as to how I can make this work.Any ideas?



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Diane Peters

Hi Mike,

I've removed 2 videos, which reduced the file size to appears to have uploaded. Let me know if it is not attached. I cannot use Dropbox because my company blocks it.

A little background...this project was started before Storyline and I am importing existing videos. The disabled links on the menu go to slides that would normally have videos where I can use the seekbar and users can scrub it. I cannot use the seekbar in the challenge portion because I would need it to scrub across all question slides. So, I attempted to add navigation buttons with triggers that would allow learners random access to the questions.

As you can see, the first question is a hotspot question and clicking the navigation buttons only adds a hotspot marker and does not advance to the triggered question.  My hope is to add the button bar to all questions to allow random access. Any ideas?