Storyline not working with IPhones, IPads, Tablets and more

Feb 21, 2013

I just downloaded the trial version of Storyline and have uploaded and published one of my elearning modules to the site.  In the publishing screen, I clicked on the publish to html5 output and articulate mobile player app to be aqble to get my module to work on the mobile devices.  Here's my issues...

1. will not work on the IPhone...the "thinking" circle appears and won't let the user into the program

2. on the IPad it lets you see two screens and then safari freezes and shuts down

3. on a blackberry and andriod smartphone it advises the user that there is a certificate warning.  The blackberry user didn't continue, but I did on the andriod smartphone and it works fine.  Not sure if I just put my phone in harms way thought...that concerning me. 

What did I not do correctly in the publishing stage to get this to work on all the mobile devices?  My content is just a PPT and sound files with the instructors lecture. 

Please advise ASAP as I need to get these launched sooner than later.

Thank you,


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Peter Anderson

Hi KariAnn,

For the iOS devices, you'll want to be sure you have turned Private Browsing within mobile Safari to "off". It may also be an issue with the server you've uploaded the content to. From where are you viewing the course - LMS, web, locally? 

Any chance you'd be able to share your project file here, or privately, so we can take a closer look? 


Peter Anderson

Thanks again for the link, Kari

I'm getting some pretty strange behavior with the course as well. It crashes the Mobile Player app on my iPad and crashes my browser on my iPhone. I think we'll need to take a look at your project source file to determine what might be going on here. You can send it to us securely and privately using the link here. On the second page, you'll have a chance to upload the file. 


Peter Anderson

Hi John, 

It looks like once we got Kari's course uploaded to our server, it played back OK. Typically, when experiencing issues on an iPhone, either the lack of memory on the phone itself can cause issues, or in less common circumstances, it can be the host server. 

If you'd like, we'd be happy to take a closer look at your course. Please submit a case, including your .story file, using this link so our support team can assist you further.

Thanks, John!

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