Storyline on Internet Explorer 7


I'm wondering if someone out there can help me. I'm working with an America company and at the last minute one of their departments have let me know that they want to view the Storyline module I've developed using Internet Explorer 7. Does anyone know if this will be a problem as I don't actually have a way of testing it!

The reasons for them using IE7 are long and seemingly political so I don't think I'm going to have much luck suggesting an alternative browser, however if Storyline has no issues running on this version then that's fine.

Alternatively, if someone could suggest a way of getting IE7 to work on a Windows 7 machine that would be great also!

Thanks in advance,


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Nancy Woinoski

It should not be a problem. I recently had a client that needed Storyline to run on IE 6 and it worked. You have to make sure the Flash plugin is 10 or above.

As for testing, Microsoft has virtual VHDs for testing websites with different Internet Explorer versions. You can check this out at

Kari Thevenot

I just wanted to give you another shout out regarding IE 7. I work in a large hospital system and we still have IE 7, due to some compatibility concerns with certain applications. It is archaic and slow, but YES, thus far I have seen Storyline courses work in our web browser. I can't tell you over the long term because we're just getting started, but my impression thus far is that Storyline courses are highly compatible with all sorts of systems and browsers - and that's a great thing.