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Hi All,

I am using Storyline on the Mac with parallels.  At this stage I have PowerPoint 2011 for Mac (I don't have a windows version yet).  I wasn't surprised when storyline wouldn't let me import from Powerpoint for mac (but thought it was worth a try).

I just wanted to double check that indeed I do need to have PowerPoint for windows in order to be able to import PPT files into storyline.  

Also, is there anything else I should know before I purchase the windows version? I am running Windows 7.

Many thanks for your help.


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Andrew Sellon

Folks--If you haven't already posted a Feature Request asking for a Mac-friendly Storyline, please do take a moment to do that.  If enough of us write in, they will have to address the need.  Here's a post where I share the Request that I made:



Richard Chasin

Vispi Baria said:

Hi Debbie, I've manage to import Power Point from my Mac into Storyline by saving the file as Powerpoint 97-2004 under the Save As option in powerpoint for Mac.

I have PowerPoint for Mac 2011 and am unable to import the ppt file into Storyline even after saving as 97-2004. It is not password protected of read-only....any suggestions?