Storyline-Online Course Recommendation for Design for Beginners

Dec 30, 2020

Hi All,

We have a new Instructional Designer on our team that recently graduated. A lot of higher educational programs do not teach heavily on how to functionally use Storyline (or other e-learning authoring tools), and they don't instruct on the design element in terms of creating an aesthetically pleasing, clean, and consistent product.

Our new hire needs some guidance on the design aspect of using storyline. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for an online course(s) he could take to get him started on improving his design skills?

I think it would be beneficial for the course to be specific to storyline instead of just a general graphic design course, but I'm definitely open to any suggestions.

Thank you!


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Rebecca Levan

Hi Laurie,

You've definitely come to the right community to get great recommendations for resources on course and instructional design! As a newbie myself, I've found a wealth of learning tools and suggestions available here.

In addition to the E-Learning community, I wanted to make sure you were taking advantage of some other free resources Articulate has to offer.  Here's a quick screen record here and here on how to find those! 

Also, take a look at these articles as a getting started point, as they both highlight some valuable ID basics to achieve a clean, well structured course:

I hope this is helpful! There are a lot of helpful folks in this community, so I'm hoping they will chime in with some more online course recommendations for you!





Ren Gomez

Hi Laurie,

Thanks for reaching out! In addition to Rebecca's helpful suggestions, I see that you're using Articulate 360 and have access to our training website!

Here you can:

  1. Pick the type of software you'd like to learn more about.
  2. Sign up for live webinars or view recorded ones.
  3. Use keywords to search for a topic.

 Feel free to take a look and see if there are helpful lessons for your new ID!