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David Schwartz

Hi Julie,

The output folder contains the published module, in whatever format you published it for. When you create a zip file, it truly is just a compressed copy of the output folder.

I archive the zip file along with the .story file, and tend not to keep the output folder, since they contain the same items. Other people I work with keep all three.

I would always keep at least either the zip file or the output folder and not just the .story file, just in case you ever need to use them later, for instance to re-upload a module to your LMS, or upload to another LMS. (It's nice not to have to go through the publishing and extra testing again.) And I've had occasions where I had to republish someone else's course, and did not have documents that they had included as resources in the course. Those documents are inside the Output folder (and zip file), so can be recovered from there.

That said, the output folder does not need to stay with the .story file. You can always edit and publish with only the .story file (except as noted, any external files).

Sorry for the long-winded answer.