"Storyline output" in folder Text when I publish

Jul 09, 2015

I am publishing Articulate Storyline 2 to an intranet and it's adding the following text to the folder I publish to:   - Storyline output 

The problem is that the spaces prevent the website from launching, is there a way to remove the " - Storyline output" text. I don't see how I can change that in the publish options.   Thank you!

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Kevin Thorn

Hey Tim,

Not sure I fully understand. When you say you're publishing "to an intranet" are you publishing as a Web output or LMS output?

Or do you have the output folder when publishing set to a directory on your intranet's web server?

I'm also curious about the "- Storyline output" text. Is that a .txt file? I can't recall ever hearing or seeing this before.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kevin

I think Tim is referring to the extension on a published output file

I don't remember SL1 ever adding that - Storyline output to the published file name.

Hi Tim

I haven't had any issues with that text on the published output file but you can change the filename to whatever you want before you upload.  If you want to remove the - Storyline output you can just do a right click > rename the folder that the published files are in.

Kevin Thorn

Ah, now I understand. I initially thought it was a .txt file with that name. The output "folder" name does indeed add " - Storyline output" to the name of the .story filename or the title of the project at output.

Every process is different depending on your environment. My process is to publish to the default 'My Articulate Projects' folder as the destination. Then do one of two things (web only):

Manual FTP

  1. Create a directory location on the web server
  2. Go to the Storyline project output folder
  3. Select the contents of the output folder and FTP to the newly created directory.

Auto FTP

  1. After publishing, the "Publish Successful" popup window shows several options: 
    • Email
    • FTP
    • ZIP
    • OPEN (the output folder in Windows Explorer)
    • HTML5 (launch a local preview of the project in the default web browser)
  2. From here, click the "FTP" button and another popup window appears
  3. Enter your web server's name, port, username, password, and directory
    • If you know the directory, type it here. You can create a new directory here as well.
  4. Send - only the contents of the output folder will be sent to the server directory and *not* the upper output folder's directory name (local directory) 

Screenshots of the Auto FTP steps

Publish Successful


Published Output Options

All that said, I don't know if there's a way to change the name of the output folder. If so, it's buried in the system files of Storyline. I'm a geek, but that geeky!

Hope this sheds some light for you Tim.

Tim Clifton

Great feedback everyone, yes, I just published locally and then dragged and dropped all the folders underneath the one renamed Storyline - output to the web server using Windows Explorer and it works fine.  I just have been used to publishing directly to a webserver in the past.  No LMS set up yet will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Kevin Thorn

Ah, well there is that. Publishing locally and then manually pushing is not all that bad. Just settling into a process that over time will become part of the rhythm of a project.

My previous org was similar until we made the case we were still inside our org's network publishing to an intranet on an internal server. IT set us up with a "super secret FTP client and backdoor port" to upload content. With extreme restrictions of course.

I'd like to do that now, but each client is different with different servers/LMSs including some with AO. One day it's publishing directly to AO, the next it's signing into an LMS as an admin and uploading a SCORM package, then FTP from Storyline to my server for client review, while other days is local publish and manual push to a web server.

gary vey

This also really irritates me. I don't understand why a software company insists on forcing me to use folder names with their software name/branding in it. This is not standard practice and I have never seen this in any other software product. I paid for this software and it should be left up to me how I want to name folders on my hard drive.

Articulate please remove this in your next update! THANKS!

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