Storyline output not fully working in Lumesse Learning Gateway


We helped a local partner with their e-learning project recently. They are currently using Lumesse Learning Gateway for their e-learning. Now, we're facing 2 errors. 1) Resources such as MS word documents are not allowed to be downloaded. | Action taken: changed the file name without spaces (read it in one of the threads here).

2) The SCORM 1.2 did not communicate with Lumesse that the course has been completed. | Action take: Changed reporting status to Completed/Incomplete and Tracking to Tracking using no. of slides visited. 

Even with the actions taken, we still encounter the same problems. I hope you guys could help me.  Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kring.   I'm happy to help troubleshoot these issues.  

The first thing I would do is upload the content to SCORM Cloud (free!) to compare functionality in a standard learning management testing environment.

If you need a hand with that, you can always include your .story file here, and I'll upload it to my instance of SCORM Cloud.