Storyline Output not working in Chrome.

Oct 12, 2016

Hey everyone,

I publish my beta versions out to my local machine so that it can go through a pilot testing before I publish it out to our main server. About 2 weeks ago the published output stopped loading in Chrome. I can only get it to load in FF or IE. Most of my testers use Chrome as their default browser, and it trips them up. 

Is anyone else having this issue, and is there a fix on the horizon?

Thanks a million for your responses.


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Steve Wooten

So this is the solution, and it works. I am concerned that my beta testers are not going to be able to run our programs as easily as they used to.

I may end up having to switch over to a packager or some other method that allows them to download, unzip, and launch the training without having to do all of these steps.

Any suggestions?

Steve Wooten

It's proprietary information, and we are global team. One of aspects we liked about Storyline was that I could create this in the U.S., upload it to our shared server, and send the download link out to our global reviewers in Europe, Asia, and India for immediate review.


I'm not going to be able to get approval to store the content outside of our approved system, and a CD would take days to ship around the world.

Steve Wooten

Yep. I usually create an entire download package with a review template, everything they need to catalog their edits, and "Click to launch this training" link. I move all of the course_content to a folder with instructions not to open it.

I was able to write a simple .bat file to re-create my "Click here to launch the training" link that I place in the main file they unzip. So to the end user.... the link icon changed and that's it.

It's a happy day. Now to send out my projects. :)

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