StoryLine - Pictures / Images not showing

I am having problems with images not showing up in the published version. Images are all there in the .Story file and they are all visible in the preview mode.

Once published however as either an LMS or as a Webpage, random images either do not appear or only partially appear. Every time I publish it is not the same set of images either. I can publish the project 6 different times and each time it will be different images that either don't show up at all or only partially show up.

The images that have disappeared include a combination of: imported with powerpoint slides, copy/pasted directly into StoryLine, StoryLine characters, StoryLine insert picture from file.

What I have tried:

I have uninstalled/re-installed.

Worked strictly off the network.

Exited all other programs.

Changed the image quality.

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Josh Uhlig

I see you said you worked strictly off the network, but I wonder if you published from a network location rather than from your hard drive?  I would suggest only working/publishing from your computer's hard drive.

Another thing to consider is where you are viewing it from.  I've seen the same issues you speak of when viewing a published presentation using network pathname rather than through a web URL.  When publishing as Flash it is intended to be viewed as a web page, not as a file on a server.

See the last post in this thread for more information.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Blake!

This discussion is a bit older, so I want to make sure you get the most up-to-date support. First, a few questions to get the basics out of the way:

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Do you see the problem during Preview, in the published output, or both?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing a sample .story file with us for testing? We'll help you troubleshoot it and try to find the root of the image issue!
Blake Brown

Hi Katie,

Thank you for the reply. I am using the most current 360 version and keep it updated.

The preview is fine, but the issue lies in the published WEB output. I also host it through Sharpoint, not our LMS.

I also keep the image files I upload on my C: drive so it's local with the Storyline output.

I wish I could upload the sample, but I work for a bank and our confidentiality practices make it unable for me to upload.

Does the file format of the image matter? (JPEG vs. PNG)

Thank you!  

Katie Riggio

Hi, Blake. Thank you for those clues!

We appreciate confidentiality and can sign an NDA if that works for you and your team. Just give our Engineers a shout! In the meantime, I'll do my best to help track down the culprit without seeing the file.

Storyline supports both of those image formats, so we look good there. Is this happening with any image file or certain ones? Also, what browser(s) are you using to view the published output?

Leonie Lawson

I'm experiencing a similar issue. I have copied and pasted a scene into a new file. All of the images that were on the original slides are not showing (both while in editing mode and in preview); this includes png files, characters from the 360 library,  text to speech and audio files. They show as an element on the timeline, but they are not showing on the slide. Text to speech and audio files show on timeline list, but then do not show on the actual timeline itself (if that makes sense). 

Example attached. When previewing you will need to wait for a few seconds before first animation appears. There is meant to be a phone showing and audio file with a ringing phone, but it's not working...hence this query. I could just put these files back in, but I have multiple scenarios I need to adapt and use, so really don't want to have to redo everything. 

I'm using the most up to date version of 360, using Google Chrome (if that helps). 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Leonie!

I've looked at the file and added the characters again, but like you said they weren't originally in the file. 

In the future, I'd recommend not copying and pasting scenes between projects. It's best to use the Import option to import Storyline courses. 

It's also important to work locally so saving projects to your Documents folder or Desktop will avoid future snags like this. If you're collaborating with other colleagues on a course, here are our tips to avoid file corruption. 

I've attached the updated project with the characters to this discussion.

Leonie Lawson

Thanks for your help, however it seems odd that this issue has only come about in the last two updates. Previously I was able to copy and past scenes or slides from one project to another without an issue. Our team often reuse content that needs minor tweaks, but saved in different areas. I have experienced quite a few issues from the past two updates which I have passed onto the support team. I work from my local files, so I don't think this is the issue. In future I will use the import feature, hopefully this solves the issue in the short term.