Storyline player color discrepancies between html5 and flash?

Is it normal that I should have some color discrepancies between these different formats?

Some of the minor differences aren't much of a problem, but as you can see in the attached example, in html5 I'm not getting the selected tab color, which makes my tab text invisible.

Html5 tested on Win7, FF 38.0.1; Flash tested on IE11 with Flash.

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Mike B.

Any update on this? I have to deliver a demo to a client and my demo looks horrible on the ipad because of this.

What should be a beige menu highlight, displays as sky blue on the ipad. And even though I've completely changes my color scheme since my last post, my HTML5 and Flash menus still look radically different.

Was the reason for these color inconsistencies discovered?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

I'm sorry that there isn't any update to share at this time, but it's still with our QA team. We'll be sure to share any updates with you here once they're available so as long as you're subscribed to the thread you'll be able to receive the email notifications  but we're unable to offer a timeframe in regards to that. 

Alexander Reid

I have been noticing the same thing with another authoring tool, dating back to a year ago.  There always seems to be inconsistencies between the way a course looks in design view / Flash and HTML5.  

In HTML5, you lose most of the color scheme (like highlighting current page in TOC menu) and the text size doesn't get respected.

The experience is even worse in the Articulate Mobile Player app (defaults to black / dark greys).  :(