Player Text Formatting different in Flash and html5 versions

Jan 29, 2015


Has anyone else had an issue where some of the text formatting of the Storyline player interface differs between the flash version launched by their "story.html" file and the HTML5 version their "story_html5.html" version? I have a project in which the Flash player looks good like we designed it, but the HTML5 version of the interface has changed the color of some text from black to white, making it hard to read in that version. Any suggestions?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi A@work,

Are you seeing this in specific parts of the player or perhaps in the notes? I see an issue reported to our team about how notes display in HTML5 that the Editor -> Text is overriding the font color specified in slide Notes panel (which is where the formatting should be controlled). If that's what you're running into, I can associated this thread with the known issue so that I can provide any additional updates here once they're available. If you're running into a different issue I'll likely need to see some screen shots or your published output. 

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