Storyline Player - Losing Player Color Scheme

Aug 31, 2012

Hello. I'm creating a new project in Storyline and have customized the color scheme of the player twice and both times I have lost the settings and it reverted back to the default color scheme. My project is stored locally on my Windows 7 machine and I continually save the project. The first time I lost the color scheme, I was previewing a course, closed the preview, did a few edits in the course and tried to preview it again and noticed my color scheme was missing. I never closed the application within this time period. The second time this happened I had actually closed the application for a few minutes and went back in when I noticed the player color scheme was missing.

These are the steps I take when customizing a color scheme.

1. I select the closest color scheme to what I want and then click 'Duplicate the selected scheme'.

2. Enter the new color scheme name, click OK.

3. Customize the colors and click OK.

4. Confirm that the scheme is saved with the new name under the Custom label with "(on disk)"

The player will show the colors for several previews and will come through when I publish the course but somewhere along the lines I lose that scheme in Storyline and I can't find it.

I'm looking for two things here.

1. If the player color scheme is saved locally on my machine where would it be as I can't find it.

2. Why am I randomly losing the customized player color scheme.

Thank you for any assistance provided. I have also opened a case with Articulate on it but have not received much support.

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Andrew Breyer

I located the article where it states it should be saved but I don't have a 'Frames' directory.

Click the OK button to save the color scheme to your local hard drive. For reference, custom color schemes get saved to the following directory, depending on your version of Windows:

Windows Vista / 7:


Annie Jean

Hi Andrew,

I am on Win 7 and have exactly what you posted.

Under 2.0, i also have a "Players" directory and a few xml files.

Do you have them?

If you don't and you are using a work station with some restriction, you may not be able to save templates.

I had this problem solved to my previous job... the IT guys didn't like it

Hope it helps, don't hesitate to post back if you have further question.


Andrew Breyer

Thanks Annie. Under players I only have a test.xml file which was modified two days ago. I'm not sure what that was from as I've been working on this project all week.

I also have administrative rights on my machine. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what resolved the issue when you had it. Were you given admin rights on your machine?


Pierre Jouan


I had the exact same problem : duplicate of a custom Color Scheme that was labelled "(on disk)" but not visible in the same folder where my previous one was.

Plus, it would not let me save custom change saying "Name already exists".

So I just quit Storyline and back in player Color Schemes, it would show "(modified)" in front of scheme name. I clicked on "Save" and the xml file appeared in the ColorSchemes folder!

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