Storyline Progress Indicator - again


After lurking for some time, this is my first post.

I have read a number of posts on how to track progress in Storyline. In less I missed that one "right" post, the only solution to finely track (every slide visited) is to have and set a unique true/false variable (flag) on every slide you want to track.

I have already implemented tracking sections by setting flags on a couple of slides in each section, but I am looking for a finer way to track progress.

Storyline already keeps track of the slides visited in order to inform the LMS when a course is completed. So is there a player function that can be called with JS to get this information, either how many slides have been visited, or better yet, which slides have been visited?


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Nick Wilson

Chris, I realize this is an old thread, but I am looking for a similar answer.  Did you ever come up with a solution, or any leads on how to get Storyline's tracking information to provide the info regarding which slides have been visited?  I'm trying to find a simple solution to have my training know if a slide has been visited yet or not - without, as you said, having to create unique variables for every slide.