storyline project in facebook??

Jun 18, 2014

Can Articulate Storyline projects be used inside of facebook?

Can i post a Storyline project to my facebook fanpage and it will work properly?

If I'm using LMS to gather data, can that be sent back to my LMS from facebook?

thanks for any help!!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi John,

You could certainly provide the URL for the course on Facebook, but I don't think you can "embed" a course similar to the way you would add a video, etc. 

If all you do is add the URL, then learners will still be accessing the course through the LMS, so it will sill function and report as normal. 

If you're wanting to add it in some other way, it might be best if others chimed in with some suggestions :)

Good luck with the project!


Ralf  Baum

Like Christine said, the only solutions for a LMS is:

First upload the course to the LMS and then insert the URL in Facebook. This allows your users to visit the page and you can track their results.

With Facebook you can`t track any results.

But I wonder how you want to manage the registration of the persons who are allowed to watch your course. If you allow everybody who visits your fanpage to subscribe automatically to your LMS you be careful that you get no capacitiy problems. Perhaps I am a little bit scary but what would happen if a "funny" person writes a script to spam users to use your LMS? Every "ghost user" gets an own LMS account. Could be risky for the performance.

My personal suggestion would be that you upload the material to a non-LMS page and insert that link in facebook. If you would like to know how many persons have passed your course successfully you can insert a call to action at the end of the course. e.g a code word and a hyperlink to an email-adress.

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