Storyline Projects Not Viewable on iOS Devices

I'm suddenly not being able to see my storyline projects on iOS devices, (iPhone and iPad).

New projects as well as old.  

On new tests I've published today, the "Include HTML5 output" box is checked, and I've tried checking the "Use articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android" and unchecking it, both have the same result... no graphics or text, only audio plays.

What on Earth?  

Here's a link to a simple test, where you should see text, a couple of jpegs, and an audio file:

I've also attached the Storyline file.

Thanks for any information!

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Christie Pollick

Thanks for your question, Mike, and for sharing your file! I will go ahead and publish your file to see if I am able to reproduce the issue you are seeing on my iPad Air 2. 

In the meantime, here is our System Requirements sheet just so you have it handy, and also this information on Publishing for Mobile Devices for others who may be unfamiliar. Be in touch soon! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- Your patience is appreciated while I tested your file! Please click here to see how your published output behaved on 

I did not experience any difficulties on either my iPad or my iPhone 6. You may want to take a look at this info on Publishing and Sharing Your SL2 Content, and if issues persist, please let us know! :)

Mike Fox

Hi Christie,

May I ask what operating system your devices are using?  I suspect that if they're iOS 8 or prior, you won't see the issue.  After a considerable amount of digging, I found this tech note on the articulate website:

Can you please let me know if the devices you tested my sample on are pre iOS 9?



Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- Thanks so much for your reply, and my iPad is an Air 2, version 9.1. I tested the tempshare link once again just a moment ago, and I was able to hear the audio, and see the images, as well as the bullet point animations as they entered onto the slide. 

I will reach out to a few of my colleagues to see if they encounter the same behavior you have described, as unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce it. Your continued patience is appreciated. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- Two of my colleagues were able to test your module via the tempshare link I provided, and neither experienced any issues (both using version 9.2.1). Could you please verify that you are using the most recent update #7? Please see here for a link to download, and let us know if issues persist. :)

Mike Fox

Hi Christie,

Are you (and they) testing a newly published version of the presentation using the storyline file I provided?  I need to know if you're seeing issues with presentations we've already published and delivered to the clients.  For example:

Compatibility going forward is one thing; but I need to know if I need to re-publish every project I've created for each of our clients over the last couple of years.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- Thanks for your reply, and my colleagues were testing the published output of the file you provided as it was published on my machine. Regarding work you have already published and delivered, may I ask if you are familiar with the Articulate Updater? Please see this article for more details.

Mike Fox

Thanks Christie,

That's what I'm trying to determine.  Am I going to need to contact each of my clients we've created Storyline projects for and provide them with newly published versions of their projects?  

I'm rather dreading the prospect of an awkward conversation stating "You may not have noticed that the presentation we created for you may not be working anymore on iOS devices."

But if that's the case, I need to act on it.  Can you confirm?

Mike Fox

Hi Christie,  can you check that link I sent you:

...and let me know if you see the problematic behavior in question?  I need to confirm whether there's an issue that needs to be rectified or whether it's just an anomaly on my end.  

Thank you!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- I tested the link you most recently provided on my iPad and my apologies, but I didn't seem to encounter any odd behavior with it, either. I see that you reported difficulties installing Update 7 for SL2  (case #00737886), so I will be sure to follow along with the progress of our Support Engineers there. And to answer your previous question regarding the updater, yes, you will need to utilize it for previously released content, but you will see that Support for iOS9 was added as follows:

Reviewing the Articulate Updater Version History and Release Notes
Date Version Feature Output
September 15, 2015 2.0 Added support for Apple iOS 9 Storyline 2
Studio '13
Storyline 1
Mike Fox

I don't want to belabor the issue, but I need to make sure there's a need for me to contact clients with the bad news. (I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.)

You're not seeing a problem with the link I sent you?  Is the device you're testing on iOS9 or an older version?  If it's up to date, I'm confused as to why you're not seeing the blank screen issue.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- Many thanks for your continued patience as we continue to work through this issue! :)

With the use of the Articulate Mobile Player, I was able to click on the last link you provided with my iPad on version 9.1 and it opened and functioned properly. One of my colleagues also experienced no issues either with your link via the Articulate Mobile Player on her iPad using version 9.2.1. 

With respects to the Articulate Mobile Player, can you please confirm that it has been installed successfully on your iPad as outlined here, and that you are using the most recent version (3.25)?