Storyline Publish Bug - Microsoft Word

Sep 26, 2019

I've run into a bug with the Storyline feature that published to the Word format. We use this regularly to output notes and content scripts for review & revision. Not sure when this was broken, but it's within the past 6 months. Previously, publishing to Word created a simple document file and the process was very similar to the other publishing formats. With the current version, this seems to be broken, because it requires the user to re-select the output format (Plain Text, Encoded Text, RTF, etc.) for EVERY SINGLE SLIDE, rather than for the entire Storyline projects. This is extremely annoying. Please fix it. To duplicate the problem: 

1) Open the project file in Storyline

2) Choose Publish and select the Word format. 

3) Click the Publish button. 

You'll see something similar to the attached .jpg, which prompt you to select the text format you want to use. Select a format and click OK. Storyline outputs a single slide to the document file, and then prompts you to choose the format for the next slide. This happens for EVERY slide in the project file! Earlier versions of Storyline did not do this. You just chose the desired format from the Publish box ONCE and it output a single file for all slides. Anyone know a work-around for this bug?? 

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