Problems Exporting from Storyline to MS-Word

When attempting to export to the MS-Word document format, Storyline stops at every slide and prompts me to choose a format. For. Every. Single. Slide. In the past, Storyline hasn't prompted on every page, it just output the entire project as a single Word document. We use this feature often to export script files for review and audio recording. It's a pain to have to confirm the format on every page. Has this been reported as a bug? Is there a fix for this? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, S. We haven't had reports of this behavior, and I tested Storyline 2 and Storyline 360. Let me ask a few questions to see if I can help out!

  • What version of Microsoft Word are you using?
  • Has anything changed with your Word settings? For example, I've seen some changes to the Word Options settings that have changed how slide images display in a document.
  • What type of formatting direction is the prompt asking? Does it have to do with the thumbnail images of each slide?

Let me know what you find!