Storyline: Quiz feedback for incorrect response rquries a link to a pdf containing the correct responses.

I have a matching quiz item. There is too much content for the incorrect feedback to display the correct responses. So I created a PDF that has the correct responses and I manually place it in the story_content\external_files folder - up one level from the root folder. Then I created a link in the Incorrect Feedback to the PDF. But I can't seem to get the relative path correct. Here is the path I'm specifying:


But it keeps looking for the file using the full path:

Firefox can’t find the file at /C:/Users/CL/Documents/EG/FK/Fire Prevention/Pub/story_content/external_files/Fire Prevention_CC2.pdf.

But the full path won't be correct when the course is launched from an LMS.

Does Storyline accept relative paths? Did I specify the relative path correctly?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cindy,

Where else did you include the PDF in your content or in the file folder? The method you detailed here is one I've seen when an item is added to the Resource tab as detailed here (you can not include the resource tab on the slides and it'll still generate that file with the folders).