Storyline Quiz Results Trigger for "Fail" Layer

Sep 29, 2015

I have created a quiz with a results slide. I would like the Fail layer to display on the Results Slide when the learner scores 70% or lower. 

I am running into a problem when setting the condition for 70% or lower. It is set for And/Or: And, List: Variables, If: ????

The "If" variable gives me four different ResultsPass and ResultsScore for all five modules! I can't find anything to tell me which setting is for this particular module. In other words, how to I know to set Results2.PassPercent to 70% or Results5.PassPercent? 

The trigger is set as: Action: Show Layer, Layer: Fail, When: Timeline Starts, Object: 27.5 Results Slide. 

The modules were not created chronologically. 

I appreciate your help!

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Elizabeth Dennis

I found the answer, so I thought I'd share incase anyone else is struggling with this issue. Well, it's not an issue, it was just a lack of knowledge on my part. :)

  1. Go to any of your results sides and click the Manage Project Variable icon. 
  2. Select the use count link for one of the Results slides.
  3. In the "Usage for Variable" window you can see where this variable is used.
  4. Now you can go back to the "Variables" window and edit the name or the Results to something you will be able to recognize. (Just double-click the name).

*I'm not sure how much you can edit the name, I would guess that completely changing the name of the variable could mess up the links. That's why I just aded the M6 after Results. If anyone knows, please share. 



Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the update and sharing the detailed solution Elizabeth :)

To edit a variable in your project:

  1. Click Manage project variables in the Triggers panel.
  2. Select the variable you want to edit and click the Edit icon (looks like pencil) in the lower left corner.
  3. Rename the variable and/or change its default value. (You can't change its type.)
  4. Click OK twice to save your changes.

You can also rename variables and change their default values just by clicking in the grid.

Tip: When you rename variables, all references to those variables in your slide text and triggers will be updated automatically.

Alexander Duncan


Old question but I am confused.

I am creating a course with 6 modules, each module with an MCQ quiz at the end.

When I look at 'Results.ScorePercent' on my variable usage count, I find it is 'used' by 'slide trigger condition'  on the Results slide of one module in my course, but also 'referenced by Text Box 3' on the results slides in two other modules. Does that mean the same actual data is being used 3 times, or is it just the same type of data?