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Hi all

I am having trouble with results slides.

I am writing a course with 6 modules and there is an MCQ at the end of each. I add a 'results slide' at the end of each. I am trying to change the variables in the triggers and in the drop down menus I get a long list of options - Results.PassPerCent, Results.ScorePerCent etc. Then I get a list of 'Results2.PassPercent', 'Results2.ScorePerCent' etc, then 'Results5.PassPercent' with its 3 brothers and then 'Results6.PassPercent' and 3 brothers. The numbers presumably refer to different quizzes in the different modules, but they don't relate to the scene numbers, or anything else I can see. Are they just numbered in the order they were created? What happened to 'Results3.PassPercent' etc and 'Results4.passPercent'?



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Alex,

Storyline creates a new set of results variables every time you insert a new Results slide. The first set doesn't include a number in the variable names. The second set adds a 1, the third set adds a 2, etc. They are (supposed to be) numbered in the order they're created.

  • There's no correlation with the scene number, since there could be multiple Results within one scene.
  • Personally, I wish they'd include "1" in the first one, etc., so the numbers would be more likely to line up with scenes. But I doubt that's gonna happen.

It's "unexpected behavior" that you're not seeing numbers 3 & 4, yet you have number 5 & 6. Did you ever delete a Results slide in the course? 

In any case, you can't rename those built-in variables. I've never tried re-assigning them by editing the triggers; that seems like it's asking for trouble. 

Alexander Duncan


When I look at 'Results.ScorePercent' on my variable usage count, I find it is 'used' by 'slide trigger condition' on the Results slide of one module in my course, but also 'referenced by Text Box 3' on the results slides in two other modules. Does that mean the same actual data is being used 3 times, or is it just the same type of data?

Judy Nollet

Variables are "used" in/by triggers. For example, a trigger may adjust the value of a variable. Or a trigger may include a condition so it only executes when a variable has a specified value. 

Variables may be "referenced" in text boxes or any objects that display text. That is how a variable's value is shown on a slide. 

  • In editing mode, the text for a variable reference is the variable name with a percentage sign at the beginning and end. For example: %ScorePoints%

Your image shows that the Results.ScorePercent variable is used on the 4.16 Results slide. Typically, a results variable would also be referenced on the same Results slide. Somehow, you ended up with the scene 4 variable referenced in scenes 2 and 6. 

Bottom line: You need to go through your Results slide to ensure that the proper variables are used and referenced.