Storyline quiz - submit question within time limit

I'm trying to use Storyline to create an exam (despite my colleagues wanting me to use Captivate). The exam needs to have a question time limit of 3 minutes. To accomplish that I created a manual timer (box with text) and duplicated it on layers (1 minute per layer).  The timer is on the slide master.

I need to advance the slide once the 3 minutes is up. I can't use a trigger on the slide master since there's no interaction to reference there. I've added a slide trigger on the question slide to submit the interaction, but if no response is selected the slide won't advance. I have set the global time limit for the exam so the end result would be the same. But, I need to get the per question limit so that I'm not told my tools aren't as good as Captivate.

What's your best work-around?

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sandie coco

Thank you Wendy. Creating the trigger to jump to the next slide is the buttons are not selected works.

I notice that your trigger is at the player level and when I create the same trigger in SL2, it's a slide trigger. Would be nice to create a player trigger to avoid having to copy and paste the trigger on each slide. Maybe SL360 creates triggers differently.

sandie coco

I figured this out! Thanks to Wendy's example, I was able to figure out a pretty easy solution. Guess my hardheadedness is worth something since I can't walk away from a technical challenge.

SOLUTION: on the slide master for the questions, add a trigger on the base layer to advance to the next slide based on your criteria. Since each question had a time limit of 3 minutes, I set a trigger to jump to the next slide once the timeline reached 180 seconds. All the questions are set to advance by user. No other triggers are used on the question slide except the default submit question when user clicks submit.

I found this out because Wendy's example advanced to the next question for all the questions, not just the first one where she added a special trigger. (Still don't know how the trigger is classified as a player trigger in SL360 while the same trigger is classified as a slide trigger). Since all the questions advanced, I checked the master slide and found the trigger there.