Storyline Quiz vs. Quizmaker

Jan 09, 2013

I am relatively new to Storyline, but have used other products in the past.

As I read through these Forum questions, I see references to Quizmaker.  We are desirous of capturing quiz results in an Excel Spreadsheet or a database, as we do not yet have an LMS in place.

When I see discussions about how to accomplish this from Quizmaker, can I assume that we can use those ideas from a quiz built Storyline or is Quizmaker that different?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Doris. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

There are quite a few differences between the two programs. I'd encourage you to try out Quizmaker and see if you prefer it, or not. That may be the easiest way to see if the product would be the one you'd prefer to work with. Right now, you can try Studio '09 free for 30 days. Studio not only comes with Quizmaker, but it also includes Engage which is a pretty awesome tool for interactions. If you'd like to try it out, go here.

Personally, I love Storyline. However, one of my favorite things about Quizmaker is the fact that you can distribute quizzes standalone. So, if all you want your learners to see is the quiz itself, it's pretty much painless.

As for capturing quiz results to a spreadsheet from Storyline, you might want to check out the suggestions provided in this forum thread. You might find these methods will work well for what you're trying to accomplish (especially the text file suggestion). 

If there's anything you'd like to try to accomplish, never be afraid to ask the community. We have some awesomely talented Heroes here that are a great help

Hopefully some of this information will help, at least a little bit, with your decision. 

Good luck!


Christine Hendrickson

Quizmaker works in standalone and within Presenter/PowerPoint. I was just mentioning that one of my favorite features is the fact that it can be run as a standalone quiz

If you're already working with Storyline, you should be able to use the suggestions from our community members for capturing the results. However, it really depends on your preference. Like I mentioned, it really may be best to try both and see which one works best for you, your clients and your learners. 

You mentioned you've already done some reading on using Quizmaker, give it a try, if you're able to. Both products have some great features, it really just comes down to what's easiest for you and what appeals to you more.

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